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Abacus Service Corporation places a high emphasis on the interest of our stakeholders, the need for community involvement, our responsibility as a diverse company, and our environment.

Community Involvement :

As a company, we have a fundamental responsibility to support our local communities. Building a successful business model and relationships are wonderful, but to be a great business, we must utilize our intelligence to have a beneficial impact on society. Abacus is committed to contributing to charitable causes and encourages staff to become involved as well. As we continue to grow, we will continue to contribute and engage our employees to help by not only donating themselves, but also by having various contests and awards with donations going to various employee selected causes. Internal Abacus employees are granted paid volunteer time off to assist with local organizations of their choice. Abacus has donated to the Haiti disaster fund, American Red Cross, Portland Food Bank, and several other regional organizations.

Abacus believes that doing business the right way includes embedding a green initiative into our corporate philosophy. As members of various communities, we know that society, the environment, and the economy are interconnected. It makes sense to pay attention to the environmental impact of our economic practices to ensure our communities are healthy and pleasant. We have found that operating a green business is beneficial for the environment and provides cost savings.

Green & Initiatives

Abacus’ Green Initiatives consist of the following practices:

Waste Reduction:

  • Our recruiters never print a Job Order or resume; they work exclusively with electronic copies of all documents.
  • We utilize Collaborative Software which ensures almost all of our operations are electronic and virtual.
  • We utilize an online employee website, which allows employees to check their paystubs, benefits, 401(k), etc.
  • The use of fax software allows us to save thousands of pages of material a year.
  • Our printer and copier defaults are set to two-sided.
  • We minimize the use of envelopes in the distribution of marketing materials.
  • We reuse single-sided pages as scratch paper
  • We use 100% recycled paper.

Energy Conservation:

  • We use compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • We use lights with motion detectors or timers to allow energy to be used only when needed.
  • When feasible, we take advantage of working under natural light. At the end of each day and night, all office equipment and lights are turned off until the next working day.
  • We disconnect unnecessary equipment completely.
  • In the summer, we lower air-conditioning use by utilizing blinds, shades, or tinted windows.


  • We make a good faith effort to recycle paper, glass, plastic, cardboard, toner/inkjet cartridges, and other recyclable materials.
  • Our locations have labeled recycling bins with detailed instructions, such as: remove caps, flatten containers, break down cardboard boxes, bundle newspapers, etc.


  • When possible, we use teleconferences or web conferences rather than traveling.
  • We plan to include incentives for employees who use public transportation, carpool, or ride their bikes to work in the near future.