The below ideals and values constitute “The Circle of Excellence” that every Abacus employee abides by.


Abacus values equal opportunity, respect to all, and is committed to fair treatment. We believe that diversity results in stronger community bonds, growth in the field, and elite client satisfaction. Abacus is committed to receive and deliver services from supplier programs whom recognize diverse groups.

Corporate Citizenship

As a national company, it is essential to utilize our skills to support communities in becoming a better place to live and work. We follow ethical, lawful business processes and maintain a social responsibility plan. We believe in doing business the responsible way.


We believe in creating leaders while inspiring our staff to be world leaders in the solutions we offer. Employees exhibit our organizational values and ethics in our service delivery. Abacus strives to foster teamwork, fulfill commitments, perform passionately, and become the marketplace leader.

Commitment to Long Term Partnerships

Abacus values the relationships that are formed through clients, partners, suppliers, and business associates. We create and maintain a sustainable long-term profit for all stakeholders. We believe that communicating and understanding the needs that are requested displays a partnership role, which can build into a long-term relationship. We are committed to cultivating existing relationships and retaining clients for the long term.


Abacus employees are held to high moral standards and are held accountable for following organizational principles. We believe in building trusting relationships based on honest facts with all involved in our services. We regard all stakeholders with professional respect and professionalism.


Our approach to solving our clients’ needs is based on our core operating philosophy and our fundamental implicit assumption on strategy. While adhering to our fundamental procedures based on industry knowledge, Abacus also seeks disruptive innovation to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We seek to create an intentional, repeatable process which generates a significant difference in the value being delivered to our clients.

Service Promise


At the core of our service offering, is quality. Our services are focused on meeting and exceeding our client’s standards, guidelines, and expectations. Quality is determined on the specific, measurable results of the end solution provided to our client. The quality of our professional service is based off of experience, training and passion to deliver world class solutions.

Client Satisfaction

Abacus is committed to the standard of 100% satisfaction for our clientele. Strong communication, with an emphasis on open communication, resolution, and feedback is the basis of our success.


Our team is fluid, flexible and able to adapt our solutions for any forthcoming project. We retain knowledge from previous assignments and are prepared to deploy customizable solutions. We understand your needs can change by the minute; consequently, we are capable of reengineering processes to correspond to the immediate needs of your organization.

Cost Effectiveness

Abacus services characteristically deliver substantial savings when compared to other national firms. One of Abacus’ most established Fortune 500 clients shared that they achieved a savings of $1.1 million in the three years of service that we provided them. This savings was in comparison to the services that they received from their previous supplier. Our operational processes result in significant cost reductions for our clients.